Audi Nines Winter


Distillery Owned


Annual Sports Event (since 2008)


Sölden & Gurgl, Austria


For over a decade we have organised and produced this very unique action sports event now called Audi Nines (formerly known as Nine Knights & Nine Queens). 

With a ski & snowboard event in winter, as well as a mountainbike event in summer, the Audi Nines draws the best athletes in the world to the most unique courses they get to ride. 

We view this event series as our laboratory, where we can experiment and try out new ideas to see how they work. Optimising and improving is our ethos and every year we learn and grow from the experience.

We handle all aspects of this event, from course design & communication with athletes, to organising, media production & global communication. 

The Audi Nines 2019 – Day 4